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Mobile Data

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Mobile Dispatch integrated with Aether® PacketCluster Mobile and Motorola® Message Switches

  • Inquiries into Regional / State & NCIC databases
  • Access to local Master Name Index / Master Vehicle Index
  • Chat, Messaging and E-mail
  • Silent Dispatch
  • Officer Initiated Calls
  • Officer Initiated Traffic Stops

Field Reporting
Features full integration to Aether Mobile Government's PacketWriter. Field Reporting Application features:

  • Receipt of dispatch call for service information / CAD Event
  • Access to Mug Shots & Images
  • Import of CAD Event information into PacketWriter Field Reporting
  • Report completion, submission and supervisory approval
  • Electronic submission of cases into agency Records Management System
  • Generic NIBRS Compliant with State Specific modifications
  • All features are fully supported from a wireless client

Web-based Field Reporting System
The Field Reporting System (FRS) is a web-based application utilizing Internet technologies to enhance the workflow associated with creation, submission and approval of field reports. Field personnel can enter Incident, Accident and Field Interview data directly into a mobile computer and, once completed, electronically submit their reports for approval. The electronic submission is achieved by either CDPD or radio frequency connections configured within the mobile unit. Once the report has progressed through the approval process the case detail, originating from the officer in the field, is transferred to the Publisafe Records Management System (RMS) modules.

In the Field
The application resides locally on the mobile client and is accessed via Microsoft(tm)'s Internet Explorer browser. Case Detail is then entered by the reporting officer using a combination of tables and free form text fields. Field personnel will navigate through the system by using a combination of keystroke and mouse driven functions. The officer can choose to leave the case on his / her mobile computer to complete at a later time, or they can electronically transfer the case to the FRS server in an Incomplete status. This affords the officer the opportunity to complete the report at the station on a LAN connected computer.

Case Approval
Supervisory personnel will access cases pending approval via a browser on a LAN connected client. Once reviewed, the supervisor will assign a code of either Approved or Rejected. Approved cases will then be available for submission to the Records Management System. Rejected cases will remain available on the server for the reporting officer to modify and re-submit to the approval process.

Transfer to Records Management System
Approved cases on the server are submitted by to the Records Management System by personnel designated as Administrator, Supervisory or Approver. This is done via a menu item selection and requires very effort by the user. Once submitted to RMS, the case is available to the Records Clerk for processing and validation. Time spent by the Records Clerk is dramatically reduced as the Web-Based Field Reporting System has already provided data relevant to the case.


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