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Jail Management

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The Publisafe RMS Jail Management function feature fast and easy tools for organizing and reporting jail and inmate records and statistics. Automatic interfaces with arrest and warrant databases enhance information flow, reducing the possibility of inmates 'falling through the cracks'.

Features include:

  • Quick keyword searches on inmates
  • Inmate records include: property inventory; pharmacy and physicians; monetary transactions; visitor log; transportation; court dates; dispositions, sentences and release dates.
  • Tracks days served, daily meal counts, medical and other expenses
  • Fully integrated with full-color computerized mug shots
  • Integrated with automated commissary system. Using special identification bracelets, inmate commissary purchases are recorded and stored, eliminating currency exchange.
  • Continuous tracking with electronic Inmate Accountability feature that allows you to instantly determine the locations of your inmates.
  • Jail facility design
  • User-definable medical forms
  • Ad Hoc reports

Publisafe RMS Jail Inmate:

  • Tracks your jail's inmates, from confinement to release
  • Records for each inmate's property, cash, medicine, location, transports, etc.
  • Tracks and maintains individual records over the course of numerous jail stays Publisafe Jail Commissary
  • Includes all the functions necessary to run a jail commissary
  • Inventory function automatically updates quantities
  • Creates purchase orders
  • Logs return items
  • Tracks inmate purchases
  • Maintains records on each vendor


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